we will be offering two classes beginning in the fall of 2019:


INSTRUCTOR: Cantor Cheri Weiss

This comprehensive 7-month class will commence on Tuesday, October 29th (meets weekly).


iNSTRUCTOR: Dr. Ronit Klemens

This 6-week class will commence Monday, November 4th.

Description: This class consists of reading together a Kabbalistic text, and of discussing the text as it is read. The discussion aims to gain understanding of the conceptual principles of Kabbalistic mysticism. Participants learn what the various theological premises of the Kabbalah are, and how they fit (or don’t fit) together. Participants also learn what D’vekut is, and how the authors of the Kabbalah suggest to achieve it. Participants learn to separate mysticism from mythology, as well as to identify what the Kabbalah has to do with Plato’s Cave. By the end of the class, participants gain confidence in their ability to understand the conceptual principles of any Kabbalistic text.

Dr. Klemens holds a Masters degree in Jewish philosophy from Baltimore Hebrew University as well as a PhD from Union Institute & University is in interdisciplinary studies, one of which is philosophy. She also studied Jewish mysticism under Byron Sherwin from Spertus Institute and under Moshe Idel from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. 

More information regarding these classes INCLUDING PRICING & LOCATION will be available soon. Email Cantor Weiss at Cantor@sdo-synagogue.org if you have interest in participating in these exciting classes.